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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12010Stimulating effects of private consumption and sectoral interdependenceValma E.
32010The effect of sector loss on the internal structure of regional economiesValma E.
42010Cost assessment of ship emission reduction methods at berth: the case of the Port of Piraeus, GreeceErnestos Tzannatos
52010Marketing Strategies in Port Industry: An Exploratory Study and a Research AgendaAngelos M. Pantouvakis; Constantinos I. Chlomoudis; Athanasios G. Dimas
62012Airport Development in Challenging TimesΠαπαδημητρίου Στράτος
72010Damage growth by debonding in a single fibre metal matrix composite: Elastoplasticity and strain energy density criterionPapakaliatakis, G.; Karalekas, D.
82012Punishing Erysichthon: A survey on the employment double-dividend effects of environmental taxationKonstantinos Eleftheriou; Stamatina Hadjidema; Stilianos Alexiadis
92010Modeling an adsorption column for wastewater treatment by using dimensionless groups in scale-up procedureSidiras, D.; Bountri, A.; Batzias, F.
102010An Internationalized Approach to European Perspectives for the Safety and Security in Port IndustryConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Petros A. Kostagiolas
112013Marine container terminal configurations for efficient handling of mega-containershipsAkio Imai; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
122010Freight Transport flows in the Eastern Mediterranean: Trends and Coordination NeedsConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Kostagiolas P.A.; Papadimitriou S.; Tzannatos E.S.
132013A Search Theoretic Approach on Environmental Taxation under Productive Differentials: A NoteStamatina Hadjidema; Konstantinos Eleftheriou
142012Comparative Analysis of Carrying Capacity Indices for the Central Aegean IslandsVasileios S. Tselentis; Dimitris G. Prokopiou; Michalis Toanoglou
152013Asymmetric dynamic relations between stock prices and mutual fund units in Japan. An application of Hidden Cointegration TechniqueChristos Alexakis; Apostolos Dasilas; Chris Grose
162013-Kantaros, A.; Karalekas, D.
172011The landscape of medical errors reporting systems worldwidePollalis, Yannis; Vozikis,A.; Riga,M
182011Mergers And Acquisitions In The Shipping IndustryAndreas G. Merikas; Dionysios Polemis; Anna Triantafyllou
19Sep-2010A stakeholder approach towards the provision of sustainable island transport servicesConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Kostagiolas P.A.; Papadimitriou S.; Tzannatos E.S.
202012Explaining House Price Changes in GreeceAndreas G. Merikas; Anna Triantafyllou; Anna A. Merika
212010Trends and challenges in the energy sector of Romania in the post-accession to the European UnionDiana-Mihaela Pociovalisteanu; Eleftherios Thalassinos; Aurelian Tirca; Walter Leal Filho
222013The rate of return of social investment on post–secondary initial vocational education and training in GreeceStefanos Chanis; Constantinos Tsamadias; Stamatina Hadjidema
232012Industrial wastewater treatment in fixed-bed systemsTsatiris, D.; Sidiras, D.
242010Compilation of regional input-output tables in GreeceValma E.
252012Searching for correspondence between mechanismic/deductive and empirical/inductive models at industrial level by means of dimensional analysisBatzias, F.; Bountri, A.; Sidiras, D.
262011Bioenergy Strategies & Biomass Utilization in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Batzias, D.F
272012The trend of Sectoral links of the Greek Maritime SectorValma E.
282010Diminishing an oil-products spill in seawater by using modified lignocellulosic residues as low cost adsorbentsBatzias, F.A.; Konstantinou, I.G.; Vallaj, N.L.; Sidiras, D.K.
292010Diagnosing organizational culture of Greek public hospitals using the competing values frameworkChondrocoukis, G.; Papageorgiou, A.
302011The influence of consumer styles Inventory ononline Greek computer marketPollalis, Yannis; G Skourtis; V Psarakis; M Kalaitzaki
312012School Accidents’ Information Management: An Assessment of SARIS Implementation in the Greek Educational SectoPollalis, Yannis; Vozikis, A.
322012Concentrated ownership and corporate performance revisited: The case of shippingMike G. Tsionas; Andreas G. Merikas; Anna A. Merika
332011Regional Linkages and Key Sectors in the Greek EconomyValma E.
342011Gender Wage Gap: Evidence from the Hellenic Maritime Sector 1995-2002Stavros E. Arvanitis; Theodoros V. Stamatopoulos; Eleftherios J. Thalassinos
352012Income Inequality and Inflation in the EUEleftherios J. Thalassinos; Erginbay Uğurlu; Yusuf Muratoğlu
362011Urban freight logistics systems: an overview of policy frameworks for south east EuropeΠαπαδημητρίου Στράτος; I. Koliousis; E. Toumpoulidou
372011Promoting Short Sea Shipping in European Union: Lessons from the PROPS projectΠαπαδημητρίου Στράτος; I. Koliousis; E. Tzannatos
382012Contribution to tannery waste water treatment for chromium removal/recycle by means of cation exchange resinsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.; Politi, D.V.
392011LNG Ferry Operation for the Greek islandsΠαπαδημητρίου Στράτος; E.Tzannatos; I. Koliousis
402011The environmental impact of household ConsumptionValma E.
412010The effect of sector loss on the internal structure of regional economiesValma E.
422010Human Element and Accidents in Greek ShippingErnestos Tzannatos
432011Estimating the impact of road transport deregulation in Short Sea Shipping: Experience from deregulation in EUΠαπαδημητρίου Στράτος; I. Koliousis; P. Koliousis; J.M. Antoniades
442010Developing Quantitative Business Models for Start-Ups’e-Performance Measurement: the Use of Cause Mapping & Systems Dynamics ToolsPollalis, Yannis; Anagnostopoulos, J
452011International Stock Markets: A Co-integration AnalysisEleftherios J. Thalassinos; Evagelos D. Politis
462012Borrowing Cost as a Crucial Factor for Sustainable Fiscal Consolidation & for Exiting the Current CrisisSotirios Theodoropoulos
47Jul-2011Quality and safety systems for the port industry: empirical evidence for the main Greek portsConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Petros A. Kostagiolas; Christos D. Lampridis
482010Experimental and numerical simulation of sawdust autohydrolysis to fermentable sugars for bioethanol productionSidiras, D.K.
492010The impact of consumption on regional environmentValma E.
502010Trends and challenges in the energy sector of Romania in the post-accession to the European UnionDiana-Mihaela Pociovalisteanu; Eleftherios Thalassinos; Aurelian Tirca; Walter Leal Filho
Results 1-50 of 116 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).


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