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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12007Calculating distances for dissimilar strings: The shortest path formulation revisitedSpiliopoulos, K.; Sofianopoulou, S.
22005A Brand Management Model for Governments: Optimizing Performance & Customer SatisfactionPollalis, Yannis
32004Solar systems diffusion in local marketsSidiras, D.K.; Koukios, E.G.
42003An interactive algorithmic procedure for optimal processing of biomass wasteBatzias, F.A.; Abatzoglou, N.; Sidiras, D.K.
52007Towards an integrated LBS-enabled, mobile auctions marketplace for logistics servicesEmiris, D.M.; Marentakis, C.A.; Laimos, P.P.
62001A fuzzy sets approach to new product portfolio managementBilalis, N.; Lolos, D.; Antoniadis, A.; Emiris, D.
72007A Dynamic Approach for the Evaluation of Portfolio Performance Under Risk ConditionsChristos Alexakis; D. Balios; S. Stavraki
82008Αξιολόγηση Εξαγορών στο χώρο της Υγείας: Η περίπτωση του ΙΑΣΩ GeneralPollalis, Yannis; Βοζίκης Α, Λύκουρα Ε
92008Knowledge Management in Virtual Enterprises: A Systemic Multi - methodology towards the Strategic Use of InformationPollalis, Yannis; Dimitriou,N.K
102007Insurance and the Internet: evaluating the e-business context of insurance companies in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Vozikis, A
112009The system of Alternative Dispute Resolution in GreeceMichael Pazarzis; Eleni Nina-Pazarzi
122006The Greek Telecoms Market before and after LiberalizationDemetrius C. Yannelis; H. Gaglia
132006EU Port Policy: A process of inexorable policy integrationConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Athanasios A. Pallis
142002Trends in investments in port infrastructure in the mediterranean countries: convergence or divergence to EU policies?Constantinos I. Chlomoudis; Athanasios A. Pallis
152007A methodological framework for determining optimal dopant density in a biosensor transducerBatzias, D.F.; Tsakiri, V.; Sidiras, D.K.
162000Είναι καιρός να δημιουργηθεί Τράπεζα ΑσφάλισηςKatsanevas Teodore
172009The impact of education on the Greek socio-economic systemValma E.
182005Berth allocation in a container port: using a continuous location space approachAkio Imai; Xin SunEtsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
192008The perceived impact of e-procurement in EU enterprisesAslani, M.P.; Laios, L.G.; Moschuris, S.J.
202004On the torsion of group extensions and group actionsN.J. Michelacakis; A.F. Debourg
212007Marine Insurance with Expert SystemsJ. -C. Panayiotopoulos; Michael I. Pazarzis
222005Η Εταιρική Κοινωνική Ευθύνη στις Ναυτιλιακές ΕπιχειρήσειςMichael I. Pazarzis
232000Investigation of Differencing and Linearization Schemes for the 2-D Parabolized Navier Stokes EquationsV. Dedoussis
242004The Adriatic Corridor: Forecast ScenarioStratos Papadimitriou; O. Schinas
252009Analysis of accidents in Greek shipping during the pre- and post-ISM periodErnestos Tzannatos; Dimitris Kokotos
262007A Spatial Analysis of Provincial Corporate Income Tax Responses: Evidence from Canada,Sotiris Karkalakos; Christos Kotsogiannis
272008Consumption of households and its interraction on and with other sectors of the economyValma E.
282007Simulation of methylene blue adsorption by salts-treated beech sawdust in batch and fixed-bed systemsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
292008Decision Making on Optimal Choice of Biomass-to-Ethanol Path by means of Fuzzy SWOT AnalysisPollalis, Yannis; Batzias, D.F.
302005Λιμενικός σχεδιασμός στη σύγχρονη λιμενική βιομηχανίαΧλωμούδης, Κωνσταντίνος
312008Consumption of households and its interraction on and with other sectors of the economyValma E.
322006Manufacturing cells efficiency evaluation using data envelopment analysisSofianopoulou, S.
332009Global Shipping IPOs PerformanceDimitrios Gounopoulos; Andreas G. Merikas; Christos Panagiotis Nounis
342008Describing E-learning Development in European Higher Education Institutions Using a Balanced ScorecardThierry Garrot; Sylvie Rochhia; Psillaki Maria
352006Stock prices response to real economic variables: the case of GermanyAndreas G. Merikas; Anna A. Merika
362007Capital Structure and Firm EfficiencyDimitris Margaritis; Psillaki Maria
372006Στρατηγικός Σχεδιασμός Συστημάτων Υγείας: Διαχείριση της Ζήτησης Υπηρεσιών Πρωτοβάθμιας Περίθαλψης στην ΕλλάδαPollalis, Yannis; Βοζίκης Αθανάσιος
382000Rapid Prototyping Implementation in the Architectural Design of Large Civil Sructures: The Case of an Athletics StadiumJ. Giannatsis; D. Karalekas; V. Dedoussis; L. Laios
392004Status and prospects of e-procurement in Greek shippingSTAVROU A.; STRATAKOS E.; TSELENTIS B.; Ernestos Tzannatos
402007Generation & Benefit Spilover Of Labor Productivity In Turkey PresentationSotirios Theodoropoulos; Nicolaos Adamou
412002The Impact of Strategic Information Systems on Business Performance: Good versus Poor PerformersPollalis, Yannis
422009Evaluation of regional trade and multiplicative effects on production and employmentValma E.
432009Monitoring of solidification induced strains in two resins used in photofabricationKaralekas, D.; Schizas, C.
442003Degrees Of Integration In International Portfolio Diversification: Effective Systemic RiskThalassinos E.I.; Kiriazidis Th.; Thalassinos J.E.
452009Technical reliability of the Greek coastal passenger fleetErnestos Tzannatos
462003CAN NON-EXPERT’ USERS ANALYSE DATA? A SURVEY AND A METHODOLOGICAL APPROACHSpinakis Antonis; Pantouvakis Angelos; Thalassinos Lefteris
472001A fuzzy cognitive map-based stock market model: Synthesis, analysis and experimental resultsKoulouriotis, D.E.; Diakoulakis, I.E.; Emiris, D.M.
482002Visual factory: Basic principles and the 'zoning' approachBilalis, N.; Scroubelos, G.; Antoniadis, A.; Emiris, D.; Koulouriotis, D.
492006Pre-processing Methodology for Optimizing Stereolithography Apparatus Build PerformanceV. Canellidis, V. Dedoussis, N. Mantzouratos & S. Sofianopoulou
502000Butyltin compounds in coastal sediments of areas associated with maritime facilities in GreeceErnestos Tzannatos
Results 1-50 of 187 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).


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