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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12005A Brand Management Model for Governments: Optimizing Performance & Customer SatisfactionPollalis, Yannis
22008Αξιολόγηση Εξαγορών στο χώρο της Υγείας: Η περίπτωση του ΙΑΣΩ GeneralPollalis, Yannis; Βοζίκης Α, Λύκουρα Ε
32008Knowledge Management in Virtual Enterprises: A Systemic Multi - methodology towards the Strategic Use of InformationPollalis, Yannis; Dimitriou,N.K
42007Insurance and the Internet: evaluating the e-business context of insurance companies in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Vozikis, A
52008Decision Making on Optimal Choice of Biomass-to-Ethanol Path by means of Fuzzy SWOT AnalysisPollalis, Yannis; Batzias, D.F.
61996A Systemic Approach to Change Management: Integrated IS Planning, BPR, and TQM EffortsPollalis, Yannis
72006Στρατηγικός Σχεδιασμός Συστημάτων Υγείας: Διαχείριση της Ζήτησης Υπηρεσιών Πρωτοβάθμιας Περίθαλψης στην ΕλλάδαPollalis, Yannis; Βοζίκης Αθανάσιος
82011The landscape of medical errors reporting systems worldwidePollalis, Yannis; Vozikis,A.; Riga,M
92002The Impact of Strategic Information Systems on Business Performance: Good versus Poor PerformersPollalis, Yannis
101996Effective Integration of Information Management and Organizational Behavior PrinciplesPollalis, Yannis
112011Bioenergy Strategies & Biomass Utilization in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Batzias, D.F
122009Adding value to Balanced Scorecard Development by integrating Cause Mapping and System Dynamics: A Win-Win Scenariofor E-Tourismin GreecePollalis, Yannis; Anagnostopoulos, J
132009Ανάδειξη Θεσμικών & Λειτουργικ ών Πτυχών της Τηλεϊατρικής στα Ελληνικά Κρατικά ΝοσοκομείαPollalis, Yannis; Φαρουτζή Θ.; Καρπούζου Λ.; Στύλογλου Ζ.; Βασιλείου Π
142011The influence of consumer styles Inventory ononline Greek computer marketPollalis, Yannis; G Skourtis; V Psarakis; M Kalaitzaki
152012School Accidents’ Information Management: An Assessment of SARIS Implementation in the Greek Educational SectoPollalis, Yannis; Vozikis, A.
162007Sustaining Corporate Growth in the midst of Complexity: A proposal for new platforms of Growth”Pollalis, Yannis; Tillis, K
172009strategic Planning for Information Resources: Enhancing Managers’ Participation through Ontology-based ModelingPollalis, Yannis; Macris, A
182001Information Technology-based Coordination and Organizational Performance: A Gestalt ApproachPollalis, Yannis; King, William
192008Χρήση Στρατηγικών Μοντέλων Αιχμής για Ανάπτυξη ΑνταγωνιστικούΠλεονεκτήματος από Εμπορικές Τράπεζες: Συγκριτική Ανάλυση για την ΕλλάδαPollalis, Yannis; Γεώργα, Ελένη
202010Developing Quantitative Business Models for Start-Ups’e-Performance Measurement: the Use of Cause Mapping & Systems Dynamics ToolsPollalis, Yannis; Anagnostopoulos, J
212009Tracing the transition path between optimal strategies combinations within a competitive market of innovative industrial productsPollalis, Yannis
222009Using Similarity Measures for Collaborating Groups Formation: A Model for Distance Learning EnvironmentsPollalis, Yannis; Mavrommatis, G
232006Demand Management and Integrated Delivery Systems: The Case of Primary Healthcare Services in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Vozikis, A
242000Το Διαδίκτυο ως μέσο ανάπτυξης του ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου στην ΕλλάδαPollalis, Yannis; Γεωργόπουλος Νίκος; Αγιακλόγλου, Χ.
252012Consumer Reactions after Crisis in the Hotels Industry: A Matter of Corporate Ability or Social Responsibility ?Pollalis, Yannis; Assiouras, I.; Skourtis, G.; Besir, J.; Koniordos, M.
262008Strategies for increasing marketing share of recycled products–A Games Theory ApproachPollalis, Yannis; Pollalis, Y. A
272009Designing a Systemic Information Systems Architecture for Interoperability in Tourism: The Case of Virtual Tourism EnterprisesPollalis, Yannis; Dimitriou, N. K.
282011Strategic networking of environmental sensors for early warning in case of extreme pollution episodes calling for emergent stateinterventionPollalis, Yannis; Siontorou; Batzias, D.F.
292010Strategic Decision making on Pipeline routing as a fuzzy game between an oil/gas supplier and an International CustomerPollalis, Yannis; M. Spanidis; Batzias, D.F
302004Patterns of Co-Alignment in Information-Intensive Organizations: Business Performance through Integration StrategiesPollalis, Yannis
312009Fuel choice for domestic heating in isolated villages of Northern/Central Greece: Strategies for market implementation of biofuelsPollalis, Yannis; Pollalis, Y. A
322000E-Commerce Opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): Analysis & Cases within the European UnionPollalis, Yannis
332004Applying the Balanced Scorecard Methodology in the Public Sector: The Case of the Department of Defense in the United StatesPollalis, Yannis; Gartenberg, Marc Edmunds, Barbara
342005Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Turbulent Environments: An Integrative Model of the Industrial Economics and the Resource-based Theories in Strategic ManagementPollalis, Yannis
352009Determination Of Optimal Environmental Policy For Reclamation OfLand Unearthed In Lignite Mines–Strategy And Tacticsfor Environmental Pollution Control for Small Regions in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Batzias, D.F.
362011Determination of Optimal Subsidies for Balancing Local Supply/Demand of Biomass Products within a Regional Development Strategic PlanPollalis, Yannis; F.A. Batzias; Pollalis, Y.A.; Kopsidas, O.
372003An Enterprise Performance Measurement System: Using the Balanced Scorecard for Business ImprovementPollalis, Yannis; Koliousis, I.,
382007Determining Capital Cost in Wastewater Treatment Installations Operating Under Inflow Characteristics UncertaintyPollalis, Yannis; Pollalis, Y. A
392012Suggesting a New Scheme of 2nd Order Cybernetics to Integrate the principle ‘Think Globally-Act Locally’ for Maximizing Environmental SustainabilityPollalis, Yannis; Batzias, F.; L. Kamarinopoulos; A. Kanas
401998The Economic Impact of Strategic Information Systems (SIS): A Study of the Commercial Banking Industry in the United StatesPollalis, Yannis
412017Effective branding strategies using the CET-CC matrix in foreign markets: The Role of Consumer Ethnocentrism and Confidence on Purchase IntentionNiros, Meletios I.; Pollalis, Yannis; Niros, Angelica I.
422016Effects of Brand Experience on Brand Loyalty: The moderating role of Consumer ConfidenceNiros, Meletios I.; Pollalis, Yannis
432017Consumer Ethnocentrism Threatens Import Brands? Empirical Evidence from China and Greece and Validation of CEESCALEDing, Qing Shan; Niros, Meletios I.; Pollalis, Yannis; Zhou, Yanfeng; Tsogas, Markos H.
44Jun-2018Marketing strategies in foreign markets sensitive to consumer ethnocentrism and confidence: Empirical evidence from GreeceNiros, Meletios I.; Ding, Qing Shan; Pollalis, Yannis; Niros, Angelica I.
45Jun-2018Does Consumer Ethnocentrism affect loyalty strategies of Domestic Brands?Niros, Meletios I.; Pollalis, Yannis; Niros, Angelica I.
Results 1-45 of 45 (Search time: 0.001 seconds).
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