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Title: FDI Attractiveness in Greece
Citation: International Advances in Economic Research, Vol. 14, (1), February, 2008.
Abstract: This paper investigates the foreign direct investment (FDI) attractiveness for Greece as a host country compared with the rest of the EU countries. The main objective of this work is to identify the factors that improved or worsened Greece�s attractiveness during the last few years. An econometric model and a comparative index of FDI attractiveness have been constructed in order to identify the differences in the attractiveness of the countries. The results obtained prove that during the last few years Greece�s attractiveness as a host country for FDI has not only improved, but it also has a downward trend. The factors identified as crucial for the low FDI attractiveness in Greece are inefficient public governance, high taxation, inefficient infrastructure, and general macroeconomic conditions.
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