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Title: A Cross Country Analysis of Outward Foreign Direct Investment Patterns
Citation: International Journal of Social Economics, 32 (6), 2005, pp. 510-519.
Abstract: Purpose – To evaluate the relevance of the source country idiosyncratic factors in determining the firm's foreign direct investment (FDI) propensity and consequently the country's outward FDI position. Design/methodology/approach – A sample containing all countries with positive outward FDI flows for the whole period between 1976 and 1999 is selected. The sample consists of 25 countries and is divided in three groups, namely advanced countries, middle-income countries and developing countries. An econometric model is estimated for each country group aiming to determine the variables affecting outward FDI position. Findings – Market structure differentiation and openness are the only variables affecting outward FDI in all country groups. Marginal efficiency of capital is the significant variable in advanced and middle-income countries. All other variables, namely technology, human capital and exchange rate affect outward FDI position of advanced countries
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