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Title: Regional Technological Differences: The Case of Southern European Union
Keywords: European Patent Office
Spillover effects
Technology transfer
Public policies
Colleges & universities
Geographic distribution
Innovation process
Knowledge production
Firm growth
Knowledge spillovers
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Albert N. Link
Citation: Journal of Technology Transfer, 30(3), 315-326, 2005
Abstract: he relationship between the productivity rate of patents in the southern European Union (France, Italy, Spain) are analyzed, as well as the factors that generate new technological knowledge at the lowest level of spatial aggregation. Following a discussion of innovation in the European Union, data on the number of patents granted to various regions of the southern EU are described.Next, a spatial economic framework is used to study the spatial patterns of patents' productivity.A model of growth rates is then presented, followed by empirical results. These results suggest that the productivity of patents is highly related to the spatial dimension of R&D and employment. In other words, the effect of R&D and employment on the innovative activity of any geographical location spills over from outside those locations.The implications of the findings for regional economic policy are discussed. (SAA)
ISSN: 0892-9912
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