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Title: Real interest rates linkages between the USA and the UK in the postwar period
Citation: International Journal of Finance and Economics, 10, 3, 2005, 251-262
Abstract: This paper addresses the issue of real interest rate linkages between the UK and the USA during the postwar period. We use a bivariate Markov switching vector error correction model, which accounts for both the regime switches in the real interest rates and their long-run cointegration properties over that period. We find strong evidence of two volatility regimes, namely a high-volatility and a low-volatility regime, jointly characterizing the US and the UK real interest rates. Evidence is found of high-volatility regime dependence between the two real interest rates. In addition, there is evidence of regime-dependent Granger causality: the US real interest rate Granger causes the UK only in the regime of high volatility.
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