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Title: Internationalization and Human Resources Development in European Small Firms: A Comparative Study
Citation: Production Planning and Control Journal: The Management of Operations. Special Issue: Production and Operations under SME’s perspective, April 2006, Vol. 17, No 3, pp. 247- 256
Abstract: This paper draws upon the results of an empirically based research study conducted on behalf of CEDEFOP, in a comparative manner, among small firms located in seven European countries. The main objectives of the research were: (1) to identify new skill needs and competence requirements emerging during small firms’ internationalisation process, (2) to examine the extent to which small firms possess such skills, and (3) to explore the type of initiatives that could contribute to an improvement in skill endowments for such firms. The findings of the research have confirmed that only rarely is internationalisation the result of a long-term strategy and that small businesses’ success in becoming internationalised is mainly due to the persistence, commitment and flexibility of their owners. The paper reports and analyses the main results of the study and discusses implications for policy-makers, intermediary bodies and practitioners. A number of recommendations are also outlined.
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