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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2004An Update of the Intermodal Link over the Adriatic SeaStratos Papadimitriou; O. Schinas; H.Psaraftis
2005Berth allocation in a container port: using a continuous location space approachAkio Imai; Xin SunEtsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
2003Berth allocation with service priorityAkio Imai; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
2004Dynamic Yard Trailer Routing at a Container Terminal for Mega-containershipsStratos Papadimitriou; Etsuko Nishimura; Akio Imai; Masahiro Hattori
2004Fleet Management: Practical Issues and ChallengesStratos Papadimitriou; O. Schinas
2003Hierachal Object-Oriented Models for Management of Narrow PassagewaysEvangelos I. Kaisar; Mark Austin; Vasilios Lagakos; Stratos Papadimitriou; Ali Haghani
2013Marine container terminal configurations for efficient handling of mega-containershipsAkio Imai; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
2006Multi-objective simultaneous stowage and load planning for a container ship with container rehandle in yard stacksAkio Imai; Kazuya Sasaki; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
2012Quality Management in Mobility Management: A Scheme for Supporting Sustainable Transportation in CitiesKonstantinos Kepaptsoglou; Vincent Meerschaert; Karin Neergaard; Stratos Papadimitriou; Tom Ryee; Roman Schremser; Ilse Vleugels
2004The Adriatic Corridor: Forecast ScenarioStratos Papadimitriou; O. Schinas
2002The containership loading problemAkio Imai; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou; Kazuya Sasaki
2005Yard trailer routing at a maritime container terminalEtsuko Nishimura; Akio Imaia; Stratos Papadimitriou