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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Business Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance: a Review and Summary CritiqueIrene Fafaliou; John Donaldson
-Commercialising research results in immature technology transfer markets: cases from the Greek experienceIrene Fafaliou; Nikolaos E. Melanitis; Vassilios Tsakalos
-Competitiveness of the coastal ferry boat industry: Εvidence from SMEs in GreeceIrene Fafaliou; Michael L. Polemis
-Does financial Knowledge in Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises matter? An empirical survey for GreeceIrene Fafaliou; Marinos Stefanitsis; Joseph Hassid
-Internationalization and Human Resources Development in European Small Firms: A Comparative StudyIrene Fafaliou; Joseph Hassid
-Is Rationing an Option for Approaching Healthcare Services Provision? The Case of the Greek Cardiac PatientsIrene Fafaliou; Euthalia Tzanalaridou; Apostolos Ballas
-Is the European shipping industry aware of corporate social responsibility? The case of the Greek-owned short sea shipping companiesIrene Fafaliou; Maria Lekakou, Ioannis Theotokas
-Liberalisation of the European natural gas market: Myth or reality? Evidence from GreeceIrene Fafaliou; Michael L. Polemis
-Market Power in Oil Industry: The Wholesale and Retailing CaseIrene Fafaliou; Michael L. Polemis
-Market Shares and Concentration in the EU Auditing Industry: the Effects of Andersen’s DemiseIrene Fafaliou; Apostolos A. Ballas
-Policy Measures Aiming at Reducing CO2 Emissions: An Analysis of the Greek ExperienceIrene Fafaliou; Michael L. Polemis
-Principles of administration revisitedIrene Fafaliou; John Donaldson
-Privatization’s Narrative of State-Owned Services: panacea or threat to businesses and labour forces democracyIrene Fafaliou; John Donaldson
-Students' propensity to entrepreneurship: an exploratory study from GreeceIrene Fafaliou
-Technology watch: an empirical analysis of the technology supply and demand in Europe, in relation to technology and organizational characteristicsIrene Fafaliou; Nikolaos E. Melanitis
-The Ambiguity of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP): Hit or Doom?Irene Fafaliou; Panagiotis Zervopoulos
-The Contribution of Privatization to WelfareIrene Fafaliou; John Donaldson
-The Control of Finance and Industry in Modern DemocraciesIrene Fafaliou; John Donaldson
-The determinants of business start-ups in tertiary education: evidence for Greece through a panel data approachIrene Fafaliou; Nicholas Apergis
-The Historical Course of the Greek Coastal Transport Services: from the middle of the19th to the end of the 20th centuryIrene Fafaliou; Maria Lekakou