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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A Dynamic Approach for the Evaluation of Portfolio Performance Under Risk ConditionsChristos Alexakis; D. Balios; S. Stavraki
2007An Empirical Investigation of the Stock Price Dynamics Between Athens, Istanbul and LondonChristos Alexakis; Paleologos, John M
2013Asymmetric dynamic relations between stock prices and mutual fund units in Japan. An application of Hidden Cointegration TechniqueChristos Alexakis; Apostolos Dasilas; Chris Grose
2008Empirical Tests on the Stock Price Behavior of Privatized Enterprises in GreeceChristos Alexakis; M. Xanthaki M. Kolomitsini
2011Financial Crisis, Ownership Effect and Investors Sentiment: Empirical Evidence from the Banking Sector in GreeceChristos Alexakis
2008Investigating the effects of market microstructure on stock price formation and volatility: evidence from the Athens Stock ExchangeChristos Alexakis; Dimitris Balios
2010Is Moderate Market Performance in the U.S. a Sufficient Condition for Abnormal Returns on CEFs?Christos Alexakis; Emmanouil Mavrakis
2009Islamic finance: regulatory framework – challenges lying aheadChristos Alexakis; Alexandros Tsikouras
2010Long-run Relations among Equity Indices under Different Market Conditions: Implications on the Implementation of Statistical Arbitrage StrategiesChristos Alexakis
2008Market Efficiency and Company Size. Empirical Evidence from the Athens Stock ExchangeChristos Alexakis
2010Predictability of stock returns using financial statement information: evidence on semi-strong efficiency of emerging Greek stock marketChristos Alexakis; Theophano Patra; Sunil Poshakwale
2008Stock Markets’ Linkages: An Empirical Investigation for Long-term International Diversification BenefitsE. Mavrakis; Christos Alexakis