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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009The system of Alternative Dispute Resolution in GreeceMichael Pazarzis; Eleni Nina-Pazarzi
22009The impact of education on the Greek socio-economic systemValma E.
32009Analysis of accidents in Greek shipping during the pre- and post-ISM periodErnestos Tzannatos; Dimitris Kokotos
42009Global Shipping IPOs PerformanceDimitrios Gounopoulos; Andreas G. Merikas; Christos Panagiotis Nounis
52009Evaluation of regional trade and multiplicative effects on production and employmentValma E.
62009Monitoring of solidification induced strains in two resins used in photofabricationKaralekas, D.; Schizas, C.
72009Technical reliability of the Greek coastal passenger fleetErnestos Tzannatos
82009Regional consumption patternsValma E.
92009Additive Fabrication Technologies Applied to Medicine and Health CareJ. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis
102009Estimating the Demand for ISDN and ADSL Services in GreeceDemetrius C. Yannelis; Apostolos G. Christopoulos; Fotis G. Kalantzis
112009Adding value to Balanced Scorecard Development by integrating Cause Mapping and System Dynamics: A Win-Win Scenariofor E-Tourismin GreecePollalis, Yannis; Anagnostopoulos, J
122009Ανάδειξη Θεσμικών & Λειτουργικ ών Πτυχών της Τηλεϊατρικής στα Ελληνικά Κρατικά ΝοσοκομείαPollalis, Yannis; Φαρουτζή Θ.; Καρπούζου Λ.; Στύλογλου Ζ.; Βασιλείου Π
132009The accident of passenger-car vessel Samina Express (2000), when 80 persons died: An analysis by the principles of nonlinear managementAlexandros M. Goulielmos; Markos A. Goulielmos; Androniki Gatzoli
142009strategic Planning for Information Resources: Enhancing Managers’ Participation through Ontology-based ModelingPollalis, Yannis; Macris, A
152009Tracing the transition path between optimal strategies combinations within a competitive market of innovative industrial productsPollalis, Yannis
162009Using Similarity Measures for Collaborating Groups Formation: A Model for Distance Learning EnvironmentsPollalis, Yannis; Mavrommatis, G
172009Efficiency evaluation of natural gas power plants using data envelopment analysisSofianopoulou, S.; Dedoussis, V.; Konstas, K.; Kassimis, A.
182009Genetic Algorithm Based Multi-Objective Optimization of the Build Orientation in StereolithographyV. Canellidis; J. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis
192009Ανάλυση της δομής της περιφερειακής οικονομίας της ΗπείρουValma E.
202009Designing a Systemic Information Systems Architecture for Interoperability in Tourism: The Case of Virtual Tourism EnterprisesPollalis, Yannis; Dimitriou, N. K.
212009Work-flow in the procedure of marine insurance claimsMichael I. Pazarzis
222009Fuel choice for domestic heating in isolated villages of Northern/Central Greece: Strategies for market implementation of biofuelsPollalis, Yannis; Pollalis, Y. A
232009Universal banks and stock-market reaction: Some evidence from major announcementsHarilaos F. Harissis; Andreas Merikas; Stanley Mutenga; Sotiris K. Staikouras
242009The Role of ISO9000Certification on Ports' Financial Performance: An Exploratory Preliminary Study from EuropeAngelos M. Pantouvakis; Constantinos I. Chlomoudis
252009Reducing Administrative Burden as a priority in the European EnvironmentSotirios Theodoropoulos
262009Réflexion sur les enjeux du développement du e-learning à partir de l’étude de quatre universités européennesThierry Garrot; Psillaki Maria; S. Rochhia
272009Simulation of dye adsorption on hydrolyzed wheat straw in batch and fixed-bed systems}Batzias, F.; Sidiras, D.; Schroeder, E.; Weber, C.
282009Efficiency evaluation of natural gas power plants using data envelopment analysisSofianopoulou, S.; Dedoussis, V.; Konstas, K.; Kassimis, A.
292009A Spatial and economic analysis for telecommunications: Evidence from the European UnionSotiris Karkalakos; Christos Agiakloglou
302009Determination Of Optimal Environmental Policy For Reclamation OfLand Unearthed In Lignite Mines–Strategy And Tacticsfor Environmental Pollution Control for Small Regions in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Batzias, D.F.
312009The structure of the market in the Greek Italian sea transportation: a theoretical and empirical investigationAlexandros M. Goulielmos; Androniki Gatzoli
322009The significance of Intangible Assets for the management of newport industryConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Petros A. Kostagiolas; A. Merikas
332009Islamic finance: regulatory framework – challenges lying aheadChristos Alexakis; Alexandros Tsikouras
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