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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12000Είναι καιρός να δημιουργηθεί Τράπεζα ΑσφάλισηςKatsanevas Teodore
22000Investigation of Differencing and Linearization Schemes for the 2-D Parabolized Navier Stokes EquationsV. Dedoussis
32000Rapid Prototyping Implementation in the Architectural Design of Large Civil Sructures: The Case of an Athletics StadiumJ. Giannatsis; D. Karalekas; V. Dedoussis; L. Laios
42000Butyltin compounds in coastal sediments of areas associated with maritime facilities in GreeceErnestos Tzannatos
52000Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Cylindrical „Bottle-like‟ Shapes Under Crushing Loading Using Stereolithography ModelsV. Dedoussis; D. Karalekas; J. Giannatsis; N. Mantzouratos; C. Sinogiannis
62000Το Διαδίκτυο ως μέσο ανάπτυξης του ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου στην ΕλλάδαPollalis, Yannis; Γεωργόπουλος Νίκος; Αγιακλόγλου, Χ.
72000Ανεδαφική η Πολιτική για την ΑνεργίαKatsanevas Teodore
82000E-Commerce Opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): Analysis & Cases within the European UnionPollalis, Yannis
92000Bytyltin Compounds in Coastal Sediments of Areas Associated with Maritime Facilities in GreeceVasileios S. Tselentis
102000Marine transportation of irradiated nuclear fuel, plutonium and radioactive wastes: the continuing debate on regulatory measuresJ Wonhama; C.M Daviesa; V.G Asimakopoulosa; B.S Tselentis
112000Ο ρόλος και η σημασία της τρίτης ηλικίας στη σύγχρονη οικονομίαKatsanevas Teodore
Results 1-11 of 11 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).
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