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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12008Modelling the investment decision of the entrepreneur in the tanker sector: choosing between a second-hand vessel and a newly built oneAndreas G. Merikas; Anna A. Merika; George Koutroubousis
22005The EU port policy in a historical perspectiveConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Athanasios A. Pallis
32008Investigating the effects of market microstructure on stock price formation and volatility: evidence from the Athens Stock ExchangeChristos Alexakis; Dimitris Balios
42000Investigation of the Mechanical Behavior of Cylindrical „Bottle-like‟ Shapes Under Crushing Loading Using Stereolithography ModelsV. Dedoussis; D. Karalekas; J. Giannatsis; N. Mantzouratos; C. Sinogiannis
52009Regional consumption patternsValma E.
62009Additive Fabrication Technologies Applied to Medicine and Health CareJ. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis
72006Estimation of Price Elasticities for International TelecommunicatIons DemandAgiakloglou, Christos; Demetrius C. Yannelis
82008Are the Determinants of Capital Structure Country or Firm Specific? Evidence from SMEsPsillaki Maria; Nikolaos Daskalakis
92009Estimating the Demand for ISDN and ADSL Services in GreeceDemetrius C. Yannelis; Apostolos G. Christopoulos; Fotis G. Kalantzis
102009Adding value to Balanced Scorecard Development by integrating Cause Mapping and System Dynamics: A Win-Win Scenariofor E-Tourismin GreecePollalis, Yannis; Anagnostopoulos, J
112008Empirical Tests on the Stock Price Behavior of Privatized Enterprises in GreeceChristos Alexakis; M. Xanthaki M. Kolomitsini
122009Ανάδειξη Θεσμικών & Λειτουργικ ών Πτυχών της Τηλεϊατρικής στα Ελληνικά Κρατικά ΝοσοκομείαPollalis, Yannis; Φαρουτζή Θ.; Καρπούζου Λ.; Στύλογλου Ζ.; Βασιλείου Π
132009The accident of passenger-car vessel Samina Express (2000), when 80 persons died: An analysis by the principles of nonlinear managementAlexandros M. Goulielmos; Markos A. Goulielmos; Androniki Gatzoli
142008Marine accidents: quality vs. safety and one step furtherAlexandros M. Goulielmos; Kyriaki Mitroussi; Androniki Gatzoli
152007Μεταφορές αρτηρίες ζωής για τα νησιάΧλωμούδης, Κωνσταντίνος; Μαρία Β. Λεκάκου; Κώστας Πάνου; Ευστράτιος Παπαδημητρίου; Θεόδωρος Συριόπουλος; Ερνέστος Τζαννάτος
162005Improving customer service performance within a food supplier-retailers contextTheodoras, D.; Laios, L.; Moschuris, S.
172001Anamorphosis of fuzzy cognitive maps for operation in ambiguous and multi-stimulus real world environmentsKoulouriotis, D.E.; Diakoulakis, I.E.; Emiris, D.M.
182007Sustaining Corporate Growth in the midst of Complexity: A proposal for new platforms of Growth”Pollalis, Yannis; Tillis, K
192009strategic Planning for Information Resources: Enhancing Managers’ Participation through Ontology-based ModelingPollalis, Yannis; Macris, A
202003A decision support system for the promotion of security in shippingErnestos Tzannatos
212006On the geometry of complete intersection toric varietiesN.J. Michelacakis; A. Thoma
222004Status and Prospects of e-Procurement in Shipping: The Greek ParadigmStavrou, A.; Stratakos, E.; Tselentis, B; Tzannatos, E.
232005On a special class of fibrations and Kähler rigidity,N.J. Michelacakis
242002Architectural Scale Modelling Using StereolithographyJ. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis; D. Karalekas
252001Information Technology-based Coordination and Organizational Performance: A Gestalt ApproachPollalis, Yannis; King, William
262001-Laios, L.G.; Moschuris, S.J.
272006Multi-objective simultaneous stowage and load planning for a container ship with container rehandle in yard stacksAkio Imai; Kazuya Sasaki; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
282008Χρήση Στρατηγικών Μοντέλων Αιχμής για Ανάπτυξη ΑνταγωνιστικούΠλεονεκτήματος από Εμπορικές Τράπεζες: Συγκριτική Ανάλυση για την ΕλλάδαPollalis, Yannis; Γεώργα, Ελένη
292003Development of Household Appliances Using „Rapid‟ Technologies: Stereolithography ApplicationsV. Dedoussis
302006Redesign of biosensoring systems by creating a new chemical interface between the analyte and the detecting bioelementBatzias, F.A.; Siontorou, C.G.; Sidiras, D.K.
312008On the use of FBG sensors for measurement of curing strains in photocurable resinsKaralekas, D.
322009Tracing the transition path between optimal strategies combinations within a competitive market of innovative industrial productsPollalis, Yannis
332006Economic interdependence and the production functionValma E.
342003Hierachal Object-Oriented Models for Management of Narrow PassagewaysEvangelos I. Kaisar; Mark Austin; Vasilios Lagakos; Stratos Papadimitriou; Ali Haghani
352009Using Similarity Measures for Collaborating Groups Formation: A Model for Distance Learning EnvironmentsPollalis, Yannis; Mavrommatis, G
362004Dynamic Yard Trailer Routing at a Container Terminal for Mega-containershipsStratos Papadimitriou; Etsuko Nishimura; Akio Imai; Masahiro Hattori
372007Investigation of shrinkage strains in a photo-curable resin for 3D micro-fabrication using a FBG sensorSchizas, C.; Karalekas, D.
382008Stock Markets’ Linkages: An Empirical Investigation for Long-term International Diversification BenefitsE. Mavrakis; Christos Alexakis
392004Simulation of the solar hot water systems diffusion: The case of GreeceSidiras, D.; Koukios, E.
402006Demand Management and Integrated Delivery Systems: The Case of Primary Healthcare Services in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Vozikis, A
412003Berth allocation with service priorityAkio Imai; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou
422007Decision Support Tool for Selecting Fabrication Parameters in StereolithographyJ. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis
432006Pre-processing Methodology for Optimizing Stereolithography Apparatus Build PerformanceV. Canellidis; V. Dedoussis; N. Mantzouratos; S. Sofianopoulou
442000Το Διαδίκτυο ως μέσο ανάπτυξης του ηλεκτρονικού εμπορίου στην ΕλλάδαPollalis, Yannis; Γεωργόπουλος Νίκος; Αγιακλόγλου, Χ.
452007Sectoral Employment MultipliersValma E.
462009Efficiency evaluation of natural gas power plants using data envelopment analysisSofianopoulou, S.; Dedoussis, V.; Konstas, K.; Kassimis, A.
472009Genetic Algorithm Based Multi-Objective Optimization of the Build Orientation in StereolithographyV. Canellidis; J. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis
482000Ανεδαφική η Πολιτική για την ΑνεργίαKatsanevas Teodore
492008Is there an interdependency between the real and financial sectors of the economy? The cases of Germany, Spain and GreeceAndreas G. Merikas; Merika, A.A.; Siriopoulos, T.
502009Ανάλυση της δομής της περιφερειακής οικονομίας της ΗπείρουValma E.
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