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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12009A Spatial and economic analysis for telecommunications: Evidence from the European UnionSotiris Karkalakos; Christos Agiakloglou
22004Stereolithography Assisted Redesign and Optimisation of a Dishwasher Spraying Arm‟,V. Dedoussis; J. Giannatsis
32008Marina Environmental Review System: PDF Print E-mail A methodology to assess environmental management in recreational portsVassilis Stelios Tselentis
42007Dye adsorption by prehydrolysed beech sawdust in batch and fixed-bed systemsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
52005The effect of payback time on solar hot water systems diffusion: The case of GreeceSidiras, D.K.; Koukios, E.G.
62009Determination Of Optimal Environmental Policy For Reclamation OfLand Unearthed In Lignite Mines–Strategy And Tacticsfor Environmental Pollution Control for Small Regions in GreecePollalis, Yannis; Batzias, D.F.
72002European Capital Markets in EURO ZoneThalassinos E.I.
82008Testing the SERVQUAL scale in the passenger port industry: a confirmatory studyAngelos Pantouvakis; Constantinos I. Chlomoudis; Athanassios Dimas
92007Τι κάνουμε με την υποχρηματοδότηση, την εισφοροδιαφυγή και τις άλλες ασθένειες της κοινωνικής ασφάλισης.Katsanevas Teodore
102003An Enterprise Performance Measurement System: Using the Balanced Scorecard for Business ImprovementPollalis, Yannis; Koliousis, I.,
112004Simulation of acid-catalysed organosolv fractionation of wheat strawSidiras, D.; Koukios, E.
122008Do country or firm factors explain capital structure? Evidence from SMEs in France and GreeceNikolaos Daskalakis; Psillaki Maria
132007Determining Capital Cost in Wastewater Treatment Installations Operating Under Inflow Characteristics UncertaintyPollalis, Yannis; Pollalis, Y. A
142005Development of dynamic cognitive networks as complex systems approximators: Validation in financial time seriesKoulouriotis, D.E.; Diakoulakis, I.E.; Emiris, D.M.; Zopounidis, C.D.
152004An analysis of the pricing system in the Greek-Italian coastal routesAlexander M. Goulielmos; Androniki Gatzoli
162005Application of Simulated Annealing in Improving the Performance of StereolithographyCanellidis, V.; Dedoussis, V.; Sofianopoulou, S.
172005Το Μέτρον Τεστ Επαγγελματικού Προσανατολισμού, η Έρευνα Επαγγελμάτων και η Πρωτότυπη «Ταξινόμηση Κ».Katsanevas Teodore
182005Regional Technological Differences: The Case of Southern European UnionSotiris Karkalakos
192002Should marine insurance companies take seriously chaos theory?Giulielmos A M; Giziakis C; Michael I. Pazarzis
202002Architectural Scale Modelling Using StereolithographyJ. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis; D. Karalekas
212005Sensitivity test on interregional input – output structureValma E.
222001Realism in fuzzy cognitive maps: Incorporating synergies and conditional effectsKoulouriotis, D.E.; Diakoulakis, I.E.; Emiris, D.M.
232009The structure of the market in the Greek Italian sea transportation: a theoretical and empirical investigationAlexandros M. Goulielmos; Androniki Gatzoli
242004A Concise Exterior Lighting Simulation MethodologyN. Mantzouratos; D. Gardiklis; V. Dedoussis; P. Kerchoulas
252004Fiscal and Monetary Multipliers under Imperfect CompetitionDemetrius C. Yannelis
262000Bytyltin Compounds in Coastal Sediments of Areas Associated with Maritime Facilities in GreeceVasileios S. Tselentis
272000Marine transportation of irradiated nuclear fuel, plutonium and radioactive wastes: the continuing debate on regulatory measuresJ Wonhama; C.M Daviesa; V.G Asimakopoulosa; B.S Tselentis
282003Port Reorganisation And The Worlds Of Production TheoryConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Apostolos V. Karalis; Athanasios A. Pallis
292007An Empirical Investigation of the Stock Price Dynamics Between Athens, Istanbul and LondonChristos Alexakis; Paleologos, John M
302004Dye adsorption by calcium chloride treated beech sawdust in batch and fixed-bed systemsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
312006A polluted stream reach simulation to plug flow bioreactor as a basis for environmental cost sharing among industrial usersBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
322009The significance of Intangible Assets for the management of newport industryConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Petros A. Kostagiolas; A. Merikas
332000Ο ρόλος και η σημασία της τρίτης ηλικίας στη σύγχρονη οικονομίαKatsanevas Teodore
342008On the Development of a Selection Typology for the Ferry PassengerAngelos M. Pantouvakis; L. Thalassinos; Constantinos I. Chlomoudis; A. Dimas
352006On the use of stereolithography built photoelastic models for stress analysis investigationsKaralekas, D.E.; Agelopoulos, A.
362005Evaluating livestock manures for biogas production: A GIS based methodBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.; Spyrou, E.K.
372009Islamic finance: regulatory framework – challenges lying aheadChristos Alexakis; Alexandros Tsikouras
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