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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12001Automated optic recognition of alphanumeric content in car license plates in a semi-structured environmentEmiris, D.M.; Koulouriotis, D.E.
22008Strategies for increasing marketing share of recycled products–A Games Theory ApproachPollalis, Yannis; Pollalis, Y. A
32009Designing a Systemic Information Systems Architecture for Interoperability in Tourism: The Case of Virtual Tourism EnterprisesPollalis, Yannis; Dimitriou, N. K.
42006Cluster Formation and the Case of Maritime ClusterSotirios Theodoropoulos
52001Learning fuzzy cognitive maps using evolution strategies: A novel schema for modeling and simulating high-level behaviorKoulouriotis, D.E.; Diakoulakis, I.E.; Emiris, D.M.
62007Manufacturing cell design with alternative routings in generalized group technology: Reducing the complexity of the solution spaceSpiliopoulos, K.; Sofianopoulou, S.
82005Prospective employment of quality awards in the seaport industry: Old solution to contemporary questionsConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; P A Kostagiolas; C D Lampridis
92008A Comparison of Multiplier effects between Greek regionsValma E.
102002MD-SIR: A methodology for developing sensor - Guided industry robotsKosmopoulos, D.I.; Varvarigou, T.A.; Emiris, D.M.; Kostas, A.A.
112001A Study of the Build-time Estimation Problem for Stereolithography SystemsJ. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis; L. Laios
122001Stereolithography Assisted Engineering Design of A New Product – The Case of a Bottle - Shaped ContainerD. Karalekas; V. Dedoussis; E. Tsartolia
132001Wastewater treatment with gold recovery through adsorption by activated carbonBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
142006Asymmetric Shocks, Structural Rigidities and Adjustment Capability in EMU - A ReviewSotirios Theodoropoulos
152004GMDSS False Alerts: A Persistent Problem for the Safety of Navigation at SeaErnestos Tzannatos
162004Fleet Management: Practical Issues and ChallengesStratos Papadimitriou; O. Schinas
172002European Union Port Policy : the movement towards a long - term strategyΧλωμούδης, Κωνσταντίνος; Πάλλης, Αθανάσιος Α.
182008he growth effects of national patent policies”, Review of International EconomicsElias Dinopoulos; Constantina Kottaridi
192004An Update of the Intermodal Link over the Adriatic SeaStratos Papadimitriou; O. Schinas; H.Psaraftis
202007Simulation of dye adsorption by beech sawdust as affected by pHBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
212008Complements or Substitutes? New Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence on the Imports and inward FDI Relationship in Central and Eastern European CountriesFragkiskos Filippaios; Constantina Kottaridi
222008Long-Run Interdependence and Dynamic Linkages in International Stock Markets: Evidence from France Germany and the U.SPsillaki Maria; Dimitris Margaritis
232008Defining Factors for the Undertaking of Risk for Investments in the Port IndustryConstantinos I. Chlomoudis; Athanasios A. Pallis
242006Regulatory Burden and Foreign Direct Investment in South Eastern European countriesSotirios Theodoropoulos
252003Designing manufacturing cells: A staged approach and a tabu search algorithmSpiliopoulos, K.; Sofianopoulou, S.
262008Aerodynamic Experimental Investigation Using Stereolithography Fabricated Test Models: The Case of a Linear Compressor Blading CascadeV. Dedoussis; V. Canellidis; K. Mathioudakis
272004Patterns of Co-Alignment in Information-Intensive Organizations: Business Performance through Integration StrategiesPollalis, Yannis
282008The structure of labour force allocation between men and women in GreeceValma E.
292009Work-flow in the procedure of marine insurance claimsMichael I. Pazarzis
302008An efficient ant colony optimization system for the manufacturing cells formation problemSpiliopoulos, K.; Sofianopoulou, S.
312009Fuel choice for domestic heating in isolated villages of Northern/Central Greece: Strategies for market implementation of biofuelsPollalis, Yannis; Pollalis, Y. A
322000E-Commerce Opportunities for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs): Analysis & Cases within the European UnionPollalis, Yannis
332009Universal banks and stock-market reaction: Some evidence from major announcementsHarilaos F. Harissis; Andreas Merikas; Stanley Mutenga; Sotiris K. Staikouras
342007Analyte in situ processing at micro-scale for enhancing biosensor functionality - A new taxonomic/partonomic approachBatzias, D.F.; Sidiras, D.K.
352009The Role of ISO9000Certification on Ports' Financial Performance: An Exploratory Preliminary Study from EuropeAngelos M. Pantouvakis; Constantinos I. Chlomoudis
362008Market Efficiency and Company Size. Empirical Evidence from the Athens Stock ExchangeChristos Alexakis
372002On Access pricing with network ExternalitiesDemetrius C. Yannelis
382009Reducing Administrative Burden as a priority in the European EnvironmentSotirios Theodoropoulos
392004Applying the Balanced Scorecard Methodology in the Public Sector: The Case of the Department of Defense in the United StatesPollalis, Yannis; Gartenberg, Marc Edmunds, Barbara
402007Economic and financial system dynamics in the relationship between entrepreneurial risk perception and the decision-making process of Greek investorsParikakis, George S.; Andreas G. Merikas; Andreas G. Merikas
412009Réflexion sur les enjeux du développement du e-learning à partir de l’étude de quatre universités européennesThierry Garrot; Psillaki Maria; S. Rochhia
422001A Study of the Build-time Estimation Problem for Stereolithography SystemsJ. Giannatsis; V. Dedoussis; L. Laios
432006Παγκοσμιοποίηση και Ιδιωτική ΑσφάλισηMichael I. Pazarzis
442009Simulation of dye adsorption on hydrolyzed wheat straw in batch and fixed-bed systems}Batzias, F.; Sidiras, D.; Schroeder, E.; Weber, C.
452009Efficiency evaluation of natural gas power plants using data envelopment analysisSofianopoulou, S.; Dedoussis, V.; Konstas, K.; Kassimis, A.
462005Yard trailer routing at a maritime container terminalEtsuko Nishimura; Akio Imaia; Stratos Papadimitriou
472001On the Simple Welfare Economics of Network ExternalitiesDemetrius C. Yannelis
482002GMDSS Operability: The Operator-Equipment InterfaceErnestos Tzannatos
492002The containership loading problemAkio Imai; Etsuko Nishimura; Stratos Papadimitriou; Kazuya Sasaki
502005Sustainable Competitive Advantage in Turbulent Environments: An Integrative Model of the Industrial Economics and the Resource-based Theories in Strategic ManagementPollalis, Yannis
Results 101-150 of 187 (Search time: 0.002 seconds).


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