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Title: Suggesting a New Scheme of 2nd Order Cybernetics to Integrate the principle ‘Think Globally-Act Locally’ for Maximizing Environmental Sustainability
Keywords: ‘think globally
act locally’
‘think locally
act globally’
2nd order
river pollution
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society
Citation: 5th (WSEAS) International Conference on Environmental and Geological Science and Engineering,Vienna, Austria,November 10-12
Abstract: This work deals with the integration of the original environmental Principle ‘think globally, act locally’ by incorporating its complement stating the inverse motto ‘think locally, act globally’, within a cyclic scheme (not a tradeoff). Such cyclic schemes, based on feedback loops, are a common characteristic in Cybernetics. Since human intervention is a condicio sine qua non for this cyclic integration, we may conclude that the suggested scheme belongs to 2nd order cybernetics. A methodological framework, under the form of an algorithmic procedure, has been developed to achieve the objective of integration by maximizing system’s sustainability. The functionality of certain stages of this procedure is proved through a case example referring to river pollution. A discussion is also presented, based on the interplay between decentralization and centralization, which forms the theoretical background of the integrated Principles.
ISBN: 978-1-61804-135-7
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