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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007A methodological framework for determining optimal dopant density in a biosensor transducerBatzias, D.F.; Tsakiri, V.; Sidiras, D.K.
2006A polluted stream reach simulation to plug flow bioreactor as a basis for environmental cost sharing among industrial usersBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
1989Acid saccharification of ball-milled strawSidiras, D.K.; Koukios, E.G.
2003An interactive algorithmic procedure for optimal processing of biomass wasteBatzias, F.A.; Abatzoglou, N.; Sidiras, D.K.
2007Analyte in situ processing at micro-scale for enhancing biosensor functionality - A new taxonomic/partonomic approachBatzias, D.F.; Sidiras, D.K.
2012Contribution to tannery waste water treatment for chromium removal/recycle by means of cation exchange resinsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.; Politi, D.V.
2010Diminishing an oil-products spill in seawater by using modified lignocellulosic residues as low cost adsorbentsBatzias, F.A.; Konstantinou, I.G.; Vallaj, N.L.; Sidiras, D.K.
2004Dye adsorption by calcium chloride treated beech sawdust in batch and fixed-bed systemsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
2007Dye adsorption by prehydrolysed beech sawdust in batch and fixed-bed systemsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
2005Evaluating livestock manures for biogas production: A GIS based methodBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.; Spyrou, E.K.
2010Experimental and numerical simulation of sawdust autohydrolysis to fermentable sugars for bioethanol productionSidiras, D.K.
2006Redesign of biosensoring systems by creating a new chemical interface between the analyte and the detecting bioelementBatzias, F.A.; Siontorou, C.G.; Sidiras, D.K.
2007Simulation of dye adsorption by beech sawdust as affected by pHBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
2007Simulation of methylene blue adsorption by salts-treated beech sawdust in batch and fixed-bed systemsBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.
2004Solar systems diffusion in local marketsSidiras, D.K.; Koukios, E.G.
2005The effect of payback time on solar hot water systems diffusion: The case of GreeceSidiras, D.K.; Koukios, E.G.
2001Wastewater treatment with gold recovery through adsorption by activated carbonBatzias, F.A.; Sidiras, D.K.