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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012A generalized model for simulating adsorption on porous media and checking for reversibility by desorptionBatzias, F.; Bountri, A.; Sidiras, D.
2012Chromium (VI) purification using pine sawdust in batch systemsPoliti, D.; Sidiras, D.
2011Dye adsorption on autohydrolyzed pine sawdust in batch and fixed-bed systemsSidiras, D.; Batzias, F.; Schroeder, E.; Ranjan, R.; Tsapatsis, M.
2011Heavy metals pollution abatement within a framework of industrial ecologyBatzias, F.; Politi, D.; Sidiras, D.
2012Industrial wastewater treatment in fixed-bed systemsTsatiris, D.; Sidiras, D.
2010Modeling an adsorption column for wastewater treatment by using dimensionless groups in scale-up procedureSidiras, D.; Bountri, A.; Batzias, F.
2011On the validity of the Law of diminishing returns in packed bed columns used for wastewater treatmentSidiras, D.; Bountri, A.; Konstantinou, I.; Batzias, F.
2012Searching for correspondence between mechanismic/deductive and empirical/inductive models at industrial level by means of dimensional analysisBatzias, F.; Bountri, A.; Sidiras, D.
2011Simulation and optimization of batch autohydrolysis of wheat straw to monosaccharides and oligosaccharidesSidiras, D.; Batzias, F.; Ranjan, R.; Tsapatsis, M.
2012Simulation of acid hydrolysis of lignocellulosic residues to fermentable sugars for bioethanol productionSidiras, D.
2004Simulation of acid-catalysed organosolv fractionation of wheat strawSidiras, D.; Koukios, E.
2009Simulation of dye adsorption on hydrolyzed wheat straw in batch and fixed-bed systems}Batzias, F.; Sidiras, D.; Schroeder, E.; Weber, C.
2004Simulation of the solar hot water systems diffusion: The case of GreeceSidiras, D.; Koukios, E.